Investor Visa

Investor Visa

The Investor visa (subclass 891) enables you to live in Australia in the event that you and your mate or accepted accomplice together have held an assigned interest in Australia for a long time.

Your family can likewise apply for this visa on the off chance that you have just been conceded it.

It is the second phase of the Investor (Provisional) (subclass 162) visa.


This is a changeless home visa. It lets you and any relatives who have likewise been allowed this visa:

Remain in Australia uncertainly

Work and concentrate in Australia

Select in Medicare, Australia's plan for wellbeing related care and costs

Apply for Australian citizenship (on the off chance that you are qualified)

Support qualified relatives for the lasting living arrangement

Go to and from Australia for a long time from the date the visa is conceded (after that time, you will require an occupant return visa or another visa to come back to Australia).


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Different COSTS

You may need to pay different costs, for example, the expenses of wellbeing evaluations, police testaments, or some other endorsements or tests. You are in charge of making the essential courses of action.


You may have the capacity to get this visa on the off chance that you:

Hold an Investor (Provisional) (subclass 162) visa

Have kept up an assigned venture of AUD $1,500,000 for four years.